Personnel outsourcing and provision of labour force from Moldova, Romania and Bulgaria
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We provide fast and high-grade recruitment solutions.
We work with companies helping them
to find the best candidates for their job vacancies.

Hiring or leasing Staff

Are you looking for new employees?
We analyse your requirements and find the best candidates for you. Get in touch with us!

  • We take into account your current needs and fill your job positions in accordance with your planning.
  • We (can) ensure efficient implementation of staff orders by interacting with job applicants in their native language. We search for personnel from Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and Poland by all available sources and ways.
  • We conduct a face to face interview with the candidate or a video conference for a better covering of your vacancies.

Our recruiting company in Germany

JBC Personal GmbH
Headquarters in Baden-Baden
Blütenfeldplatz 1-8
76532 Baden-Baden
Hotline +49 1511 4499801
Manager: Alex Karp

Our recruiting company in Poland

Headquarters in Rybnik
Żorska 14
44-203 Rybnik
Office 02306 | 9961660
NIP: 6423231371
REGON: 38965182000000
KRS: 0000915592
Hotline +48 32 722 85 52
Manager: Alex Karp
NIP: 5272957967
REGON: 388957562
KRS: 0000899181

Why work
with JobCenter.EU

  • No legal risks and disputes (all the candidates are EU citizens have work permits)
  • No time wasted on logistical issues (employees arrive as a group of people within an agreed timeframe)
  • Position filled in the shortest possible time
  • New employees get full support from us before and after the placement
  • High motivation of candidates
  • A great opportunity to assess the overall interest in the position.

We meet with every candidate face-to-face and verify all the necessary documents.

We operate across all specialist areas to find those who meet all your requirements. Even the highest ones.

We prepare all of the documents to save your time, effort, and money.

Our process:

You provide us with your vacancy job offer
We post the job offer and select best candidates, who meet your requirements, and send their application forms to you
We get your approval for the selected candidates
We complete the paperwork and form a group of people to send them to their workplace
New employees arrive within the scheduled time

JobCenter.EU is the perfect place
to find the best employees

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